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Graduation or Final Act - It is Always a Good Time to Trust God

Forty-five years ago I spoke at graduation in Louise, Texas. I described the contents of the suitcase that they would be carrying with them. It contained a little math, a little history, and a little English. Most of the space would be filled with memories of people. They learned how to treat others and how to handle disappointments. They learned how to overcome obstacles and grieve losses. They began to understand who they were.

I was in my late twenties and I had no idea how heavy that suitcase would become. Now it is filled with many successes and failures; many inspiring moments and a few heartbreaking moments. Most things didn’t turn out the way I expected. Would I go back and change things? Maybe not. It all adds up to who I have become.

Now that I am in the final act of life, I am no less optimistic about the future, but it depends on God, not on me. I still think it matters how we treat each other. There are even bigger obstacles and disappointments but I have a wealth of experiences that sustain me. God has proven trustworthy and I can still trust God as I step into the next stage.

a line up of graduates


Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

Romans 12:10

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