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Will we panic or trust God?

Updated: Aug 7

What have we learned from the pandemic? One thing we have learned is how much we need each other. It was not the same when we did not get together. We have learned that we can connect with a great many people through the internet. When we could not be in church, we could still have the experience for participating via technology.

The internet can be a source of misinformation, but it can also connect us in meaningful


We learned how differently we perceive reality. Some people played up the chances of getting sick while others played it down. We were looking at the same set of facts but interpreted it differently. We have learned how heroic some people were, risking their own well-being for others. We also learned how belligerent some people

can be, probably born out of fear and insecurity.

The pandemic was a time of testing where we showed more of our character and the things that were truly important to us. Our reaction to stress is more important than the situation that created the stress. There will be other pandemics. There will be natural and man-made disasters. There will be crisis in government, economics, and religion. They happened before we ever existed and will happen again long after we are gone. What makes the difference is how we respond. Through our reaction we will impact our world. Will we make the situation better or worse? Will we panic or trust in God? Ever situation has the potential to learn and grow. Consider what you have learned and how you will grow out of this experience. The goal is not to get over it but to be better from it.

Pastor Tim


To go thought:

Do everything in love. First Corinthians 16:14

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