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Summer Story Time

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Summer time is a good time for a story: There was an tribe that found it was required to move their village. The tribal leaders decided to build a huge canoe to hold the entire village. It came time to go up river so they all got in the boat. Everyone looked to the chief to paddle the canoe. He tried all day but he could not move the boat. They decided to have a council meeting. They decided to have the leaders paddle. The next day they all got in the canoe and the leaders paddled. They were able to get to the middle of the river but no farther. At another council meeting they decided that everyone could paddle. The next day everyone paddled and the canoe went where it needed to go.

Let those who have open ears, hear.


Miracles Do Happen

Thank you, Jesus!

On June 10th, I had a horrific traffic accident. When I realized my face was in the airbag

but I was alive and breathing all I could think was thank you Lord Jesus. Pastor Tim is

right. Miracles do happen to ordinary people. Each morning when I wake up to a brand

new day and have the opportunity to do good things for others, I thank God instead of

grumbling about what’s to come.

It’s a blessing to be alive! Thank you, Jesus!

Susie Adams



Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

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