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Working Together as a Church

I have a children’s book that has a good message. It is about a farm that is a mess. The

farmer doesn’t do all the things he was supposed to do. The field was full of weeds and

the barn needed to be cleaned. The animals had a meeting and decided to send the farmer to stay in town. They were going to run the farm. Soon the discovered that they could not drive the truck to get the feed or start the tractor to plow the field. They called the farmer to come back to the farm to talk. They told the farmer that if he would do his part that they would do their part to make a better farm. When everyone did their part, the farm ran well. (Now replace the word “farm” with “church”, the word “farmer” with “pastor “ and the word “animals” with “church members “ and we have a parable.

farmer feeding a goat


Purpose: The burning sand shall become a pool, and the thirsty ground springs of water; Isaiah 35:7A

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